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                                 Welcome to my web site


I am both a Reiki master and a Spiritual healer

I believe the source of all healing energies comes from God . It is not necessary to be religious or even believe in God for the power of healing to work. 

 I am not a faith healer, if I were the healing would not work on animals, or over long distances.   

As much as I call myself a healer I don't do the healing, I am only the conduit, or the medium between my healing guides and the person that require the healing energy.

 What is so wonderful is the fact that unlike the medical profession Spiritual and Reiki healing has no side effects,where drugs are used there are all sorts of negative side effects.

I cannot guarantee a successful healing ,but in the majority of cases, I am glad to say there is a full recovery. 

 I would not recommend stopping medication prescribed by ones doctor. As they say every little bit helps.

Most People have the misconception that healing gives an immediate and miraculous cure. Sadly this isn't the norm, I have had one person who had prostate and testicle cancer he had five healing sessions to achieve  total healing
 of his cancers.

There are times when there is an immediate cure, and these times are truly miraculous.