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Divine healing, Reiki healing.

Welcome to my website,I have been a healer for a number of years, I  practise  Reiki and spiritual healing.

 I have named my website Divine-Healing.co.uk I believe healing comes from the divine source (God). 

The practise of Healing does not belong to any religion, it works on humans and animals alike.

 Distance is no object to its ability to heal. 

I am always amazed at the power of the healing energies, and I have great pleasure administering it.

It is not possible to guarantee to heal everyone's   symptoms, But I never underestimate the divine healing energies and there ability to heal. The difference between spiritual healing and main stream doctors is that spiritual healing not only treats the symptoms but also the cause of the symptoms. Most illnesses are caused by psychological problems, stress and worrying are prime examples. The first thing one normally feels after healing is the feeling of being very relaxed and the feeling that the world has been lifted from there shoulders. In most cases healing puts the mind in a state where healing removes the cause of the illness, and then what follows is the cure. This I would feel covers most illnesses that have a psychological cause.